The Inside-Out Burger

First of all, yes, I’m baaaaaack…

A big ol’ thanks to the other authors of Idiosyncrazies for holding down the fort and keeping our blog alive and well during my self-imposed “hiatus for healing.” They are the best!

So, as y’all may remember, last summer we did a week-long celebration of a rib cook-off Idiosyncrazies Style; this summer, it’s the Great American Burger Bash and have I got the burger for you! Let’s get going.

Now, I don’t know who I am supposed to give credit to, it may have been Bobby Flay, it may have been Guy Fieri, but somewhere in my Food Network perusing, be it online or television, I ran across this recipe, or, more appropriately, a method, as I don’t know that I ever saw anything in the form of a printed recipe. And once the idea was firmly in my head, I couldn’t shake it! I had to make these burgers. Since I first ran across this idea, I have made these burgers a few times, improvising and tweaking along the way, and finally coming up with what is, hopefully, The-Best-Damned-Burger-You-Ever-Ate! Oh, come on, play along with me here in FannyLand…

Everybody ready?

Anyway, as any good daughter-in-law of a cattleman will tell you, it all starts with the beef.

For a great burger on the grill, one that will hold together and not fall apart, and has great flavor, you don’t want to use the leanest meat; 80/20 is perfect. However, mine was a bit leaner (88/12), so I improvised. To the ground beef (I was using 24 oz., preparing for four people, you need 6 oz. per person), I added one egg and a hefty “splash” of olive oil, probably about 3T. I think these additions add flavor and texture as well, so I’ll continue to do it this way, use the leaner meat and add these ingredients. I also added the seasoning at this point. I don’t know how I came up with this, but it made sense to mix the seasoning into the meat rather then just sprinkle it on. And, since I was in an experimental mood, I used Montreal Steak Seasoning. For the 24 oz. of meat, I used probably 2 tsp. of seasoning. Now get your hands in there and mix it up!

No better way to mix this up then to dig in with both hands…

Ok, this is where my OCD kicks in AND based upon my personal knowledge of a couple of my co-authors, I know I’m in good company. Because it would drive me NUTS if my burgers were not consistent nor properly shaped, I use two handy gadgets…

My handy dandy kitchen food scale; it’s not just for Weight Watchers anymore!


Any guesses as to what this little gadget really is used for? Anybody? Well, it is an “egg shaper;” yes indeed…it helps keep those pesky freshly cracked eggs from spreading all over your griddle. Sorry, my OCD does cross over…

The reason for the scale is the first time I made these bad boys, I used about four ounces of meat per “patty.” As you will see in a minute, this makes a ginormous Inside-Out Burger. Therefore, the scale helps me keep it within reasonable-ness. And, the shaping gadget? Well, that is just because…well, because…I suffer from OCD. I lay a piece of plastic wrap over my shaper thingie, plop in the weighed portion, shape and then lift it out with the plastic wrap and plop onto the work surface. Then, place the wrap back on the shaper thingie for your next patty.

Anyway, however you want to do this, but the desired outcome is for each burger you need TWO three ounce patties of meat. In addition to being perfectly weighed and shaped, each patty should have a nice large, hollowed out center…not really deep, but nicely shaped like a shallow bowl. Because, here is where the magic happens…

See how the patty is slightly bowl shaped?

While you were busy weighing and perfectly shaping your patties, your sous chef was preparing the perfectly fried crisp and crumbled bacon; about an ounce (after cooking) per burger. AND your sous chef wanna be was craftily grating a nice sharp cheddar cheese; about an ounce per burger.

So…you’ve got one patty, bowl shape up…sprinkle on about 1 ounce of bacon (and then eat an ounce of bacon) and about 1 ounce of grated cheese, (and then eat an ounce of cheese). You got it!

Here ya go…one of the “bowls” filled with the bacon and cheese, the other patty ready to place “bowl side down” on top of the other patty.

Now, take the second shaped patty and place it, bowl shape DOWN on top of the first, filled patty and seal the edges. VOILA, the Inside-Out-Best-Damned-Burger-You-Ever-Had! Here are three of these babies, just ready to place on the grill…

Here is another shaping tip…you know how you often end up with a burger that, as it cooks, shrinks towards the center and you end up with this very thick disk of burger? Well, as you are shaping, press gently in the center, pushing out towards the edge, making the center thinner then the edge…that way, as it shrinks inward, it doesn’t become so thick. Magic!

Now, the rest is up to your grill master…but, the basics are, you would grill this as you would any other GINORMOUS (by the way, see how 4 ounces per patty is over the top?) burger…probably close to twice as long as those thin, pre-shaped things. But, don’t ask me, I’ve never grilled a burger in my life! Mr. Fannie estimates he cooks them on med-high heat, approximately ten minutes on the first side and seven minutes on the second…but use your own burger grilling experience.

And, with the exception of those Paleo Kooks who would wrap this in a couple of lettuce leaves, the grand finale to this Inside-Out-Best-Damned-Burger-You-Ever-Had is none other then…

mmmmm…homemade “Beautiful Burger Buns”…stay tuned…

Homemade Burger Buns! But…because I don’t want to send you screaming into the night, I’ll keep that post for another day. However, I will say, that since I learned the simple art of making my own burger buns, I have bought….maybe one(?) package of store bought buns.

Enticing? Stay tuned, but in the meantime, try out the Inside-Out Burger and let me know what you think.

Yummmm…oh! My burger includes some tomato, avacado, lettuce, pickle, onion and a bit of mayo and mustard. Ta da!

As this recipe is not “written” out, if you have any questions, please ask.


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4 Responses to The Inside-Out Burger

  1. Farie says:

    I shouldn’t have read this before breakfast! These look amazing! Not sure if I can master bun making, though. I am sure hubby would go crazy for these!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best Damned Burger I ever Ate!!!

  3. Jim says:

    Best damn burger I ever ate… Thats for sure!! Too bad that “Big Cattlemen” couldn’t even eat a whole one… LOL

  4. Fae says:

    Since I wasn’t there as your sous-chef, I can only come up with one thing: You’re cheating on me.

    Heart broken in Reno,
    Your very own Paleo kook.

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