Jalapeño Hamburgers

A couple of months ago, my daughter in law was describing to me a new meat mixture that was being sold at her local store.  It was so popular that it always sold out by noon on Saturdays.  Meat mixture meaning hamburger mix.  I’ve never been a fan of buying something that is almost pre-made for me (there are some exceptions) but buying hamburger mix was never one I’d even look twice at.  I see those ‘meatloaf’ mix or chicken kebabs on skewers in the grocery store and think, “yuck…how long as that been sitting there?”  Shudder.

Anyway, she made these on one of our camping trips earlier this year and I have to admit, they tasted pretty good.  We had them again while on our Teton vacation and I was hooked.  I am not a huge hamburger fan in the least.  My favorite hamburger is a Whopper Junior and I’m good.  However, these jalapeño burgers are yummy in the tummy.  And despite the name, they are not that spicy.

The recipe is stupendously, ridiculously easy.  Three ingredients with one of them the meat.  Fool proof, even.

Here…what do you think?  Oh, and don’t be like me and buy CHICKEN mix…buy the BEEF mixture.  This is what happens when you don’t wear your glasses to read things in the grocery store.

Can you believe I bought CHICKEN fajita mix? What a noob.

Gather up the ingredients and toss everything into a large mixing bowl.  Ok, ok, ok.  First open the two pounds of meat packages, open the can of jalapeños and tear into the fajita mix.  

Mix well and form into patties.

I made mine in the morning and let the flavors of the myriad of ingredients meld together.  Then I commandeered Mr. Fae into grilling his dinner.

We like the usual condiments on our burgers, including cheese and buns, however, I make this as close to Paleo for our meal as I can.  So no cheese.  And no buns.  This was the first time I served Mr. Fae a burger wrapped in lettuce.  It was messy but really tasty.  He ate three of them and then had an argument with his stomach over having a fourth.  His stomach lost.  All that meant was that there were more leftovers for me!

Try this for your Labor Day cookouts or Family Reunions or Wednesday nights.  It’s very easy and pretty good.  Thanks to Fanabelle, my daughter in law for enticing me with this recipe.  You did good.





About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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5 Responses to Jalapeño Hamburgers

  1. Mr. Fae says:

    Yes they were Fantastic!! One word of caution–have the grill on low heat or you will think someone threw a malatof cocktail on your grill with all the flames that are coming out of the sides!! Fortunately I wasn’t to far away or these pics would have been of tiny little black meatballs to sharpen your teeth with!! Us paleo kooks need sharp teeth ;-))

  2. fannie1 says:

    LOL…this is HYSTERICAL…some might actually think we are in “cahoots,” what, with me with my comment about paleo kooks and you, actually posting a burger wrapped in :::gasp::: lettuce leaves! Which, by the way, you DID NOT learn at the Stampede Camping School of Cooking. I just about spewed my Roxy Ann Pinot Gris on my laptop!

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