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DIY – Beautiful Burger Buns (Paleo Kooks beware)

Those of you who follow our craziness here at Idiosyncrazies may remember a few weeks ago when we had the burger competition. There was this burger… And, for the Paleo in (not all of) us, there was this burger… Well, much … Continue reading

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Feel your boobies

As you know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This awful disease has touched me three different times with people I love.  First was my sister-in-law, a 9 year cancer survivor; second by my cousin in Australia and third, … Continue reading

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Getting to know us

Next week on IdiosynCrazies, we have a little scrapbooking challenge that we’ve done.  It will be highlighting a few things about each of us so that you can get to know us a little better.  Stay tuned starting on Monday, … Continue reading

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I can do MAGIC! (or in our house, Homemade Mayonnaise)

Oh happy days are here again!!  Have you ever seen David Copperfield perform?  Pretty awesome guy, right?  And not hard to look at either, I might add.  I didn’t do his kind of magic but the results of what I … Continue reading

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The Death of the Handwritten Correspondence

Not long ago, while “visiting” with my mother-in-law (you know, “visiting,” as in sitting in the “front room” on the “sofa” and talking; something I recalled my grandparents doing with friends when I was young) the conversation turned to elementary … Continue reading

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We Interupt This Marriage to Bring You Hunting Season..

Most you have picked up on the fact that I live in the country, but many of you may not know that Oregon IS country, even if you live in the city. It is not just a lifestyle but a state of … Continue reading

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Three Pintrest Projects

Some of you may have heard of Pintester, a blog where the author tries different pins from Pintrest and sees if they really work or not.  Today is that day in my house.  I have been pinning away and there is … Continue reading

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