Blowing Up Stuff

I found out today that blowing stuff up is fun!  Now I know why boys are always out o stuff up, setting things on fire, and creating general mayhem: it is a rockin’ good time!  Biff took me out shooting this weekend, and for the first time I shot a gun!  Yup.

I have also started to wonder if I have early onset Alzheimer’s, like my Amuma, may she rest in peace.  Because, seriously, I have forgotten pretty much EVERYTHING, including how to transfer ALL the pictures from the camera to the computer.  I was about half way through with downloading the pictures today, and I went to upload them, and they are gone.  This isn’t even the first time I have done this!  The first time it happened was when I was transferring my U2 pictures from the camera to the computer, and I erased the last half the of concert.  Yeah.  So, I am not a very happy camper today.  Maybe I’ll just go blow up more stuff.

(Here are the only lame pictures I managed to save…)

Biff Shooting at Bottles

Just loading a gun.


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One Response to Blowing Up Stuff

  1. Fae says:

    ahh…how cute is this? Pretty soon you’ll have dead heads hanging on your walls just like me!! bwahahahahahaaa!!!

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