We Interupt This Marriage to Bring You Hunting Season..

Most you have picked up on the fact that I live in the country, but many of you may not know that Oregon IS country, even if you live in the city. It is not just a lifestyle but a state of mind. Even though I couldn’t find a picture to use in this post, there is a very common bumper sticker here: ORYGUN.

If you haven’t met an Oregonian, but get the chance to, ask them if they hunt. Odds are, they do. If they’re anything like my hubby, they will then spend the next 30 minutes telling you all what their last hunt was or their plans are for hunting next weekend, etc.

When hubby and I were first married, he rifle hunted. This was a fairly short season, which usually netted positive results. For at least 5 years, we had venison in the freezer.

Well about 5 years ago, hubby decided that he wanted to give bow hunting another shot. What he failed to mention, initially, was that bow hunting season lasted far longer than rifle season. It usually starts the last weekend of August and goes into November.

However, the season itself doesn’t include the 3 or 4 weeks prior to opening weekend where hubby gears up for hunting season by watching every possible hunting/outdoor show there is on tv, and spends endless number of hours on the phone with his hunting buddies discussing plans, strategizing, complaining about how the weather stunk last year, but this year is going to be different, yada, yada, yada. Seriously, by the time hunting season rolls around, I am more than happy to help with the packing!

Funny, though, every year before hubby leaves, he voices his regret that I can’t come with him, that he is sure I would love it, it is so beautiful and peaceful. Then he asks, “are you sure you don’t want to get a tag and come with me?” Well, knowing that sometimes we gals shouldn’t say what we think, I say something like, “No, this is time for you to get away from your job and your endless responsibilities around here. Have fun! You deserve it!” However, what I am actually thinking is “Are you freaking kidding me?! Get up at 4 AM to freeze my behind off and sit for hours doing nothing and being quiet to boot? Kill me now. That would be an H-E-double hockey stick NO!”

No, my peace and tranquility are right here, at home, on my feather bed, where I read until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer and don’t feel guilty doing so. I can also have salad for dinner. No meat. Or, no dinner at all for that matter. For a few evenings a year I get to be self-indulgent, and I believe it helps me be a better wife when he returns. I can even usually listen to all his hunting stories with an interested ear.

Yes, I for one, see the hunting season for the blessing that it is. Now, if we could just get some venison or elk in the freezer…


About Farie

I am a country girl that recently came home after 15 years of "city" living. At the age of 40, I got a horse and fell in love with a little girl my husband and I adopted. I love to cook, read, run, garden and write.
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4 Responses to We Interupt This Marriage to Bring You Hunting Season..

  1. Fae says:

    LOL….you have to deal with archery (Mr. Fae and our son did that for two seasons) and I get to deal with bird hunting, complete with dog training for the six weeks prior to it. I have also been invited to go along more for the cooking than the actual hunting although Mr. Fae says I can kill something if I want. Yeah, right. I’m happy to stay back at home and enjoy my time as well.

  2. Felia says:

    It is so ture that it makes you a better wife to stay home, and YOU get to relax and he gets to relax and everyone is happier for it! Love it!!

  3. Stac says:

    Spoken like a true hunters wife. I so agree with you Tiffers . . . no way in _ _ _ _ would go hunting with Jeff, although every year he ask’s if I will. You know one of these years we should get together and play a joke on the boys and let them think we do want to join them. We can have fun watching them try and dig their way out of the invite, because I’m sure they really don’t want us there anymore than we want to be there.

  4. Mr. Fae says:

    Now as a Husband and Hunter I am uniquely qualified to answer you gals. 😉 For Fae we still hunt with bow and arrow–not very successfully but shall we just say we put in for tags and just haven’t drawn one–in Nevada even if you’re a resident you have to enter a drawing to get a tag which allows you to hunt. No you wouldn’t have to cook–you already do that for us–I promise I would be able to put dinner in the crock-pot and serve it to you when it was reheated. LOVE YOU

    Us husbands would LOVE our wive’s company out in the field. Probably more than you would like our company at Croptoberfest or any other get away that is used for the sole purpose of scrapbooking!! (or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol). Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever been asked to go along on one of these!! Now I am sooooo hurt ..not sure I can go on 😦

    Of course if you did go hunting with us you would have to freeze your little bare butt to go to the bathroom–no heated seats out in the woods or fields that I hunt in. I am sure all of you have gone to the outdoor bathroom at least once in your life–I know two of you have! Even if it was on a long ago trip to Napa–and that is another story 😉 Right Mr. Fannie

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