DIY – Beautiful Burger Buns (Paleo Kooks beware)

Those of you who follow our craziness here at Idiosyncrazies may remember a few weeks ago when we had the burger competition. There was this burger…

And, for the Paleo in (not all of) us, there was this burger…

Well, much as I do have a fondness for my Paleo Leaning Kooks, I mean Kin, I thought I’d fill the rest of you in on how easy, I mean EASY, it is to make your own Beautiful Burger Buns, pictured in the first photo.

First of all, here is the no-fail recipe that I used the first time I ever attempted my own burger buns

And, I’ve used this recipe ever since; never, ever needing to search any further for a “better beautiful burger bun.”

If you have a bread machine, this makes the recipe even easier! Measure all of the ingredients into your bread machine pan, set it on the dough cycle and walk away. When the dough cycle is complete, all of those ingredients will have worked their magic and the dough should look something like this:

Now, my ONLY words of warning are that this recipe calls for you to divide the dough into eight pieces. I noticed that the authors have since added  “tips from bakers” advising you to divide the dough into ten or twelve pieces for slightly smaller buns. Believe me, go with the ten or twelve; the buns yielded with the dough divided into eighths are huge. On this particular occasion, I did ten buns, I wanted them to be able to accommodate the almost ginormous “Inside Out Burger.” I’m looking forward to making some slider buns with this recipe.

The trickiest part here is getting the hang of a “nice tight surface across your buns.” LOL, I’m not kidding, that’s how I describe it. This took a little bit of practice, but as best as I can explain it is, take the appropriate “pinch” of dough, shape into a rough ball, make a circle with the index finger and thumb of your left hand, take the dough with your right finger tips and push the dough up through the circle, tucking the excess dough underneath up under and into the globe of dough forming at the top of the circle. Does this make sense? It really doesn’t matter what the bottom of the dough ball looks like, but you want a smooth surface around the top and sides.

Once you have your “beautiful buns” shaped, you’ll want to flatten them slightly, I’ve found that the best way to do this is to put the buns on your baking sheet, lined with a piece of parchment paper. THEN, lay another piece of parchment paper over the buns and, using the bottom of a glass, flatten the buns. Using the parchment paper on top helps keep the buns from “springing back” too much. You’ll want them fairly flat in order to avoid ending up with burger buns shaped more like a large round dinner roll rather than a bun.

Flattened and ready for the second rise.

Also, another tip, I like seeded buns but I also like the soft tops of the buns brushed with butter. So, after the second rise, I brush the pre-baked buns with the egg wash, as recommended by “the bakers,” sprinkle them with seeds and THEN brush them very lightly with half of the butter topping, reserving the rest of the butter topping for after baking.

All brushed, topped and ready to go into the oven. They will rise even more while baking!

And, then, voila! The buns are all baked golden brown, ready to be split and welcome your favorite burger.

Believe me, you really CAN Do It Yourself.

And DO NOT save these buns only for burgers! They are great for lunch sandwiches, french dip sandwich dinners, pulled pork sandwiches and even just toast! Keep them in an air tight container but keep in mind that fresh baked goods do not last nearly as long as store-bought. These will begin to mold within about five to six days. At our house, we’ve never had any trouble devouring the very last one.



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5 Responses to DIY – Beautiful Burger Buns (Paleo Kooks beware)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh those look so beautiful! I LOVE my bread machine using the dough cycle. You can make so many fun things including buns! (I use the dough cycle to prepare the doggies dog cookies)! Thanks for a great recipe too!

  2. Farie says:

    Fannie, you carb-posting blogger! Wow! I am impressed! Too bad I sold my bread machine at a garage sale…

  3. Fae says:

    I see you caught the ‘then/than’ error but you missed the spelling error. I’m sure that you meant to spell Cook, not Kook; that is, unless you’re aiming for the German inspired pronunciation? Your ‘buns’ look great! 😉

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