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I Have Turned Into the Crazy Dog Lady

I will start today with a caveat:  at least my dog doesn’t have her own carrier, or stroller that I carry her in.  She gets around on her own four paws. My entire life I grew up in a family … Continue reading

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The Loss, final

If you’ve just now started reading about The Loss, the first two parts are here and here. I’ve taken my time in writing about the end to this story.  It is a sad story.  It is a dreadful story.  It … Continue reading

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What’s your (photography) style?

One of the many things that I’ve learned in my photography education is the type of photos that I tend to veer towards.  There are many styles and types of photos to be taken.  And there are photographers out there … Continue reading

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Pinning is Winning!

I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.  Not sure why, but I am obsessed with what everyone else is pinning.  And I am obsessed with ideas that I will probably never get around to. However, this weekend I had about a … Continue reading

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We’ll make HISS-TORY!!

Last weekend, while I was scrapbooking with my long time friends, we got to talking about how long our ‘Croptoberfest’ weekends have been around.  We had various guesses and really, anything after 10 years for me is hard to pin-point. … Continue reading

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Today’s Blog is Brought to You by the Letter P

Ok, Friends. I hope this is better late than never. A few weeks ago, one of my co-authors challenged us to create a scrapbook layout using a common theme. The theme was to tell a little about ourselves using the … Continue reading

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After a Weekend of Gluttony…

This weekend was spent with my lovely scrapbooking ladies (holla!) and boy did I get a lot done.  However, I also ate a lot.  Of junk.  That I normally do not eat.  So my body is quite pissed at me … Continue reading

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