IMG_3799About ten days ago while I was perusing a digital scrapbook board, I came across a thread regarding scanning film photographs into a digital setting, (this being a computer, a thumb drive, an external hard drive (EHD)).  I was very curious to the responses as I have nine shoe boxes, actually archival safe storage boxes of film photographs and negatives.  Long time readers will remember my compulsion last year getting all those photos out and in chronological order.  This took DAYS to get done and we couldn’t use our dining room table for the time being.  I have a flat bed scanner and it is wonderful for all things that I need copied or scanned.

Except boxes of various size photographs.

My scanner scans one photo at a time, single sided.  I started scanning the first box of photos about one month ago.  As of two days ago, I was half way through it.  It was taking For. Ev. Er.  I realized something during this process.  While I was scanning these photos into the computer (at a glacier-like speed) I was losing all desire to scrapbook them.  I would look at the photo and try to think of a layout for it and my mind was numb.

How can this happen?

Well, if you have to scan one photo at a time and you’re looking at, say, 50 photos from Christmas, your mind will go blank after 5 scans.  Christmas?  It will take until summertime to get this one box of photos done!  All creativity packed up its bags and left town.

But then….magic.

One scrapbooker mentioned that she used a device called Scansnap to get all her film photographs digitized.

Huh?  Scansnap?  What the…?

I googled it and Was. Amazed.

They have several versions of Scansnap, from portable to gigantic size.  The small one can be taken into business meetings, while the large one would be for companies that scan all the time.

Hello?  “May I have your insurance card, please, for our records?”  Ever hear that question in your doctor’s office?  Yep, Scansnap would be really handy for that receptionist.

After thinking about how fast I could get this job done and cleared out, I realized that once done, I wouldn’t have any need for it again.  Crap.  What to do, what to do?

Oh, that’s right.  I have fellow scrapbookers who have a mountain of film photographs as well.  They are in the same boat I am.  I put the word out that if anyone was facing this issue and would like to go in on a purchase of this handy dandy item, I would order it pronto.

It came yesterday.

To say that I was giddy after the first scan would be an understatement.  Scansnap is a whiz to install.  It’s both PC and Mac compatible.  And the scanning speed?  Well, it’s called Scansnap for a reason.  AND, it scans both sides of the item at the same time.  This is incredibly helpful if you have written the date or identified the people in the photograph on the backside.

I’ll stop laughing now.  I didn’t identify zippidydodah on my photos.  I did date a lot of them if the processor didn’t date stamp it already.

I would also recommend that if you’re facing the same type of job that I am, put your photos in chronological order before you start scanning.  If you don’t, you’ll be left trying to do it on the computer when you need them.  It is a pain in the ass that way.

Yesterday, in about two hours, I scanned one boxful of photos.  After I scanned them, I put the actual film photos into the albums I bought 5 years ago, specifically for the day I would actually put them in an album.  Yesterday was that day.

Fourteen photos scanned in 35 seconds.  Not bad at all.

Yep, you know what my weekend will consist of, don’t you?

My OCD is tingling.



Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.54.07 AM


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Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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3 Responses to Scansnap!

  1. Farie says:

    What a nifty time saver! I am envious of your free time…I wish I could retire….Of course, I would probably be busier than I am now. Hugs!

  2. Susan says:

    I want one! Funny, my daughter was just here for the weekend and we had a conversation about how she wants copies of our old family photos. Ah yeah….well, I have to scan them and that takes…like…forever. But I will….”someday”. Now I think maybe I can actually tackle that project!

    • Fae says:

      Susan…I thought that it was a bit pricey that’s why I went in with some friends of mine. But let me tell you…as fast as this little sucker is, it’s paid for itself a couple of times over now! I love it!!

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