Getting to know all about you….

A few days back, I noticed a trend on many of the blogs I read.  The trend was answering a list of questions about the blog writer.  Each writer approached the answers in so many varieties that made me laugh.  Of course, I tend to read funny or mostly humor blogs.  I’m not one to just read news blogs or scientific blogs (yeah, right) or even just mommy blogs.  I have an irreverent sense of humor and if someone can interject reference humor into a conversation, I’m theirs for life.

A little discussion with my fellow Idiosyncrazy ladies determined that this was up their alley as well.

Here goes.

1.  Were you named after anyone?

My mom was pregnant with me and had four other children to love and take care of.  Naming a soon to be born baby was probably pretty low on the totem pole of priorities for her.  My sister was 10 at the time with three brothers following her.  My mom did whatever was necessary to be efficient at that time;  she let my siblings come up with a name.

Many times when strangers hear my name for the first time, they always say, “Just like the cookie, huh?”  And they are correct.  I was named after a damn cookie.  And the cookie was named after the heroine in a classic novel, but does anyone remember that?  NO.  A cookie.  Thanks, brothers and sister.Cookie Staircase

Good thing they didn’t like Fig Newtons.

2.  When was the last time you cried?

Hmm…let’s see.  We were watching Glee.  Yes, I’m a Gleek.  But they were singing a song that I absolutely love because it reminds me of my youngest granddaughter.  There is one line in the song from Christina Perri that goes like this, “I’ve loved you for a thousand years.  I’ll love you for a thousand more” and (I’m tearing up now typing) that is how I feel about that little darling princess.  Mr. Fae heard me sniffling in the recliner next to his and was amazed that this song would do that to me.  I explained that it is my heart-song to our granddaughter, barely able to speak the words as the crying intensified explaining it to him.  So yes, tears of happiness and love.

3.  Do you like your handwriting?

Depends.  Some days it is legible and nice looking.  Other days, I could write prescriptions and get away with it; it’s all scrawls.  There is a blog site that can turn your handwriting into an individual font to use.  I’ve thought about it from time to time to use in my scrapbooking.  There was an era in scrapbooking to write the memories down not use the computer to type up the journaling.  This way, your writing heritage stays intact for future generations.  Bah, humbug.  That takes way too much time.  I’ll type it up, thank you very much.  But that font….now that still interests me.


4.  What is your favorite lunch meat?

Well, first, I’m not a sandwich kind of gal.  Never have been a fan like Mr. Fae is.  I do have fond memories of eating OscarMayerBolognaonWonderBreadwithFrenchsMustardandasliceofcheddarcheese.  1337792880_bologna

That was a favorite of mine as a kid.  No, you don’t have to tell me what bologna is made of.  I still like it.  I also like hot dogs and do not need those ingredients, either.  A Reuben sandwich is nice once in awhile.  We’ve had a delicious Turkey Reuben on vacation in the Grand Tetons, but that is merely an annual thing.  So if I HAD to pick a favorite RIGHT NOW, I would go with Black Forest Ham.  No, wait.  I’d go with Smoked Turkey.  No…hold it….Roast Beef, extra pickles on a Dutch Crunch roll.

Oh forget it.  I don’t eat sandwiches anyway.

5.  Do you have kids?

Oh, stop me now.  Kids?  Yeah, I have a couple of them.  And they each in turn have a couple of kids.  I also have furry kid(s).

Here are most of my kids…just missing the most recent little guy…


Here’s the newest one:


Here’s my furry kid, Sadie.



These people are my official kids…but have a few more that are children from different people but I claim as my own.  Miss Fannie’s kids are my kids as well.  There are three more boys I claim from another dear friend.  And these little poops have made me a grandmother as well…so I have more grandchildren, too.

So there you have it.  Five things you didn’t know about me before.  We’ll continue to do this monthly for your reading enjoyment.  Or boredom.  Whichever happens first.



This is just mean:

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 4.58.26 PM


About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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2 Responses to Getting to know all about you….

  1. Mr. Fae says:

    Good job Love! Being someone who has known you for the better part of my life I would like to comment on your list: 1. I think your mom named you after the cookie because you were going to be so sweet. She was right! 2. Last time you cried was about 30 seconds ago after watching a little clip on moms-it starts out with moms all over the world waking their little ones up out of bed and making them breakfasts. It goes onto showing the youngsters in the Olympics with mom in the stands watching their sons or daughters competing and sometimes winning. 🙂 3. You handwriting has never been bad–sorry it just isn’t! 4. After what we have learned about wheat you probably couldn’t choke down the bread that the sandwich is made on so it would be on lettuce 🙂 5. Kids–yes you have kids and extended family kids and they all LOVE you very very much! Just my take on getting to know you! I LOVE YOU TOO!!

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