Seriously, Google, Seriously.

I have a serious love-hate relationship with those evil meddlesome geniuses people over at Google.  I love Google for searching, but Chrome is evil and will kill your computer, as it did to mine at work.  I love Google Reader, but Gmail is a pain because I can’t retrieve my original Gmail address.  ARGH! 

And now these bastards people are telling me they are getting rid of Google Reader.  After I just figured it out.  Yesterday.  So I go online to find the next best alternative to Google Reader, and pretty much everyone on the planet is saying that Google Reader is the end-all-be-all for keeping track of your blogs.  (Not the ones I write; the ones I read. Because really, how hard is to keep track of one I actually write for and one I keep thinking I should write, but can never come up with a very good topic?)

So, seriously people.  If you have ANY suggestions (free is the only way for me!) please let me know what you use to keep track of your blogs. 

I would really rather not use emails or a RSS feed though my email as I rarely check my actual Outlook, and I hate jammin’ up my inbox with emails about blogs.  I like to sit down and skim through all my blogs at once.  Which is why I LOVE Google Reader! 

I have tried Freely, and although it looks pretty, it just doesn’t do it for me.  (Mainly because it doesn’t let me organize my blogs, and if I can’t organize it, then what is the point of having catergories.  They are just teasing my OCD sensabilities.)


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One Response to Seriously, Google, Seriously.

  1. Fae says:

    I’m sure that at work you run some pretty powerful applications that Chrome couldn’t handle. I use it here and it’s been fine (I switch between Firefox and Chrome; Safari was a joke) But with that said, I have all my favorite sites organized under specific tabs (OCD) at the top of the browser. I just check those during the day. Can you do that?

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