Word reverbancy


A friend of mine and I were talking last week and you know how a conversation meanders on subject to subject? Ours was no different.  From June parties to grocery shopping, we’ll cover many grounds and topics.  But from a laughing point to a serious dip in subject matter caught me open mouthed.  She told me that in a conversation with her husband she claimed that she’s losing her emotional resiliency.


That really struck a chord in me.  Resiliency.  I remember when that was a part of my characteristic that labeled me as me.  I used to be very resilient.  What happened and why didn’t I notice the lack thereof?

I guess that I’m *still* resilient, but the older I’ve become, the more things life throws at us, the less I tend to bounce back as fast.  And it’s not because of my bad back, thank you very much.

Has it been the Recession with capital R?

Has it been the loss of family members?

Has it been an attempted suicide of someone close to me?

Bad health diagnoses of close ones?

Loss of jobs?

But if one only concentrated on the bad, what about all the great, wonderful things that has also happened?

And those?  Those far outnumber the bad.  I guess that if I had to point a finger at the exact cause of it all, I think that it’s the mere frequency and determination of the bad to get to us.  Sometimes, it feels like a dog pile of bad mojo.  And for whatever twisted reason, people almost want to brag about the crappy things happening to them.  Is that a poor-me-life-sucks attitude or what?  And then, what do we say to those sad sacks who want that type of attention?  I’m not saying that all are like this, but I see a tendency to portray a victim of life instead of a life celebrant.

I don’t know; yes, I do…I’m rambling but it feels better to get this out.

I will be more determined to be my optimistic self and if moods are contagious, so be it.  I will be the penicillin shot to kill those bad mood bugs.  I would rather fuel anger against it than be downtrodden by what life throws at us.  I will fight it.

Thanks for listening.



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Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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