Back to the Future

A couple of years ago, Fannie saw a news report about recreating old photographs with the same individuals in the same setting years later.  I took a look at the news report she recommended then looked at the boxes and boxes of photographs I had.

Let’s just put that idea on the back burner, I thought.  Great idea to do though, right?

As you all know, earlier this year, I went through and scanned all those photos in those boxes and boxes.

You can guess the rest.

I found the perfect photo to recreate of my family from our (now) annual Grand Teton trip we take each summer.  The original was taken in 1991 or 1992.  I’m guessing because there is no date stamp on the photo and I, in my utter laziness, never wrote on the back of the photo either.

Let me just re-state this:  Always…and I mean always, mark your photos with dates and names at least.  It is only your ego that is telling you that you’ll remember these things decades later, BUT IT’S LYING TO YOU.

After I found the ‘perfect’ photo, I showed it to Mr. Fae.  And then I told him what I wanted to do with it, him, and our children on our vacation.  His reply?


He has the patience of a saint.  After a heavy sigh, he said alright and oh by the way?  Good luck talking our kids into doing this.  Obviously, I knew our children far better than he did.  Well, maybe.

I showed it to our daughter and saw the wheels turn.  Ok, she said….She, thinking that it would be a few seconds of her time whilst trying to wrangle her two kids, hubby, and dog, was wrong.  Or at least I thought she would be.  I had planned on more than a few seconds to set this shot up.  There are always crowds of people mingling around this rock memorial and I needed to wait for a clear shot.  Seconds?  No, maybe minutes of her time, was my guess.  She was game for it.

I showed it to our son.  Again, wheels turning.  I was more than surprised at his response, all said in fun.  “I don’t have any shorts this color but I do have some board shorts that might work.  And the belly bag?  Hmm….maybe I can use one of my daughter’s purses”.  I could count him in, too.

The timing of the photo was taken on our last day of our vacation.  Nothing like pushing it to the very end, right?  The purse was forgotten back at the trailer.  My son wore the board shorts he mentioned the day before and now were dirty.  Mr. Fae’s short-shorts had been tossed out years before (according to him, but our kids teased him by saying he still had them and was just waiting for that style to come back into being.)

So here we were, congregating in front of the memorial, me trying to get hands and legs and heads into correction position using the old photo as a guide when a random stranger saw us.

“Oh!  Are you re-creating a photo?”

“Yes, we are…”  hint, hint…you’re slowing this up and my kids are wanting this done NOW.

“Oh, this is really cool! Really COOL!”

“Yes, thanks.  Now……(hinting that he should move along)”

Finally, he left and I began backing up, getting the correct amount of sky, lake, bottom of shot into perspective.

I’m pretty happy with the result, too.  And, if I have it my way, I’ll be doing a lot more of these.  Or at least, shooting the original that my kids might use in their future.


colter bay old 1

And, now in 2013.


When the original was found and looked at, we are were amazed at the openness of the view from the rock.  No trees to block the view of the bay or mountains, but now…wow!

The only thing I can say about it is this:  Boy, those trees really grew up.



Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.14.12 AM


About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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3 Responses to Back to the Future

  1. That’s really awesome, I’d love to do that. First I have to start looking through all the old photos (which are all the way back in Portugal – arghh). Well done for getting your kids to co-operate! Cath

  2. Farie says:

    I love this!

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