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Don’t Even Think About It – Crock Pot Chicken

You want to have a nice, simple roasted chicken for dinner, but you have plans and don’t have time to roast it.  The chicken is in the refrigerator, waiting patiently to be roasted to a nice, crispy delight. So you … Continue reading

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Lea’s Posole’

Editor’s note:  The photos were taken on two different days because I was so twitterpated cooking with my sister-in-law, that my camera settings were crazy bad.  That meant I made this twice within the same week!  Posole’, anyone? Have you … Continue reading

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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Yeah, so I’ve been on a kick lately, and this soup is the biggest part of it.  My friend, Heather, will be laughing her butt off over this but it’s mostly her fault.  Hers and my cracked tooth. You see, … Continue reading

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My Last Name is Mine! And I Get to Do What I Want With It!

Jezebel posted an article yesterday about husbands who demand their wives take their last name.  It literally made me laugh out loud; some of the comments that men made were laughable.  Because if a man said that to me, he would … Continue reading

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World News

Last weekend was our annual autumnal gathering of all things scrapbooking.  We had paper scrappers and digi scrappers, and, by the way, two new digi scrappers this year.  Our retreat found us back in the Tahoe Donner area surrounded by … Continue reading

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Almond Crusted Bake Fried Vegetables

This recipe was printed in our local newspaper this past spring.  And as you know, spring time is asparagus time….me loves asparagus!  Nice thin stalks that I can eat raw or cooked.  Being as Mr. Fae doesn’t care for a … Continue reading

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