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Yes, I’m back, healed up, stitches taken out, and bail has been paid. What?  You didn’t hear? Well….I traveled a great distance to spend ‘quality’ time with my scrapbooking buds in Oregon.  I say ‘quality’ because I want to make … Continue reading

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Tomato Salsa

If you’ve been around me you will have had, at some point in your life, my salsa.  This is my plain, down home, know it by memory salsa.  And people seem to like it as they ask for the recipe.  … Continue reading

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I can’t make that title up.  It’s a mash up of Croptoberfest and November.  Normally we have our annual scrapbooking weekend in October and we did.  However, my Oregon group moved theirs to November to accommodate schedules.  I am now … Continue reading

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Never heard of it before?  I know that you’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds of times and you probably admire the look of it.  Bokeh is all around us if you’re taking photos.  And, since the holiday season is coming … Continue reading

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Placing a Cache

I have mentioned a few times about our new hobby, geocaching. Biff is WAAAAAY more into than I am but I enjoy getting out and finding new caches. (I only have 332 at this moment, compared to his 500.)  Biff … Continue reading

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Chicken Sausage, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

Hash?  Exactly what constitutes ‘hash’?  I never had it growing up.  I always thought that it might be made of primarily canned shredded beef and maybe onions?  I never knew and never delved into it.  The name never encouraged any … Continue reading

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