Just in the ‘St. Nick’ of time!

Long time readers will remember a few posts between Fannie and myself and our on going over achieving do it yourself crafting.  Case in point….Weekend Christmas Stocking Projects.  I discovered these lovely Bucilla Christmas Stockings when my first grandchild was on the way.  I made one for her.  When I found it, it was the beginning of the December holiday madness.  I thought when I bought it, “hmmm…weekend project.  Complete guide, instructions, thread, felt,…everything I need to make this beautiful stocking for my darling granddaughter that she will cherish until the end of her days” .


Little did I know that ‘weekend’ means one thing to me and another to the makers of these fiendish projects.  But they kept enticing me with the allegation that it would be done in one weekend.


Suffice to say, I pulled it off, sore fingers, weak eyes all in time for her first Christmas.IMG_9699

And then there was the year that my daughter and daughter-in-law ganged up on me and both were pregnant at the same time.  Which, if you follow my thinking, requires not one but two Christmas stockings to be made.  I also want to point out that NONE of them, not a single one, is stitched on a sewing machine.  These are all hand stitched….you know…to be completed in ONE WEEKEND.

It didn’t happen.


I finished this one and then begged to finish the other one for the next Christmas.  I was granted a reprieve.


But by putting one off for a year, I didn’t count on yet another baby to be born requiring a Christmas stocking!  (they really do need to consult with me on the baby planning versus stocking sewing, don’t you think?)

But this year, I started early.  And by early, I mean, I was one Christmas season late…technically…but early by way of starting the damn thing.  I started in September of this year and sewed myself crazy for a couple of weeks.  I thought that I would document this here when it was done in September.

Wait.  What?  September?

Yeah….I sewed until I was seeing triple and then put it away for ‘a bit’ to give my eyes a rest.  That rest lasted two and half months.  It lay on my counter mocking me daily.

So I picked it back up and finished it this week.  One week before Santa arrives to fill it up!  But the documenting went as planned.

You see, I wanted to time myself on how long these weekend projects took.  So I looked around for something to watch (listen to) as I sewed to my heart’s content.  I picked the TV show 24 with Keifer Sutherland.  I had watched all of the seasons but it had been quite awhile so I thought, ‘why not?’.  24 episodes per season, one hour per episode…easy peasy.  Let’s do the math, shall we?  One weekend, in my book, starts 5pm Friday and runs until 6pm Sunday…totaling 49 hours.

I watched Season one and Season two of 24.  I watched Avatar.  I watched The Avengers. I watched Cloverfield.  I watched Iron Man.  I watched 55 hours and 56 minutes of video distraction.  That’s how long MY weekend project took.

IMG_1939 IMG_1951 IMG_1983

And now finally, I can say that I’m done…


So, if you think you want to try to do one of these things, have fun and good luck.  Oh, and start next February to be finished by Christmas 2014.



Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.44.17 PM


About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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4 Responses to Just in the ‘St. Nick’ of time!

  1. Farie says:

    Well done, Grandma! Beautiful job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I see you love stockings as much as I. I have done a large number of them starting in the 1970s but most of them in the 1990s. I live on disability and with the canadian dollar the way it is I can’t afford them anymore. I have about 20 patterns if you would like to trade some. I only need the felt placement page and instructions if you still have them. I photocopied all of my kits before I made them. If interested please contact me at loriritchie12@gmail. I can provide you of a listing of the patterns I have.

    • Fae says:

      Oh Thank you so much! I only made four of the stockings for each of my grandchildren. And, unfortunately, once I was done with the stockings I made, I threw away what ever remained including the instructions!! Photocopying them is an excellent idea, but for me now, too late.

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