Christmas in January

Each January, scrapbooking friends and I get together to work on our holiday photos.  Usually this results in the completion of the family annual album.  Well, most of the time.  I still have a few (15+) pages to do from our summer vacation…783 photographs taken.  But then!  Then 2013 will be done.

This was our Christmas season:

2x baking cookies 2x christmas morning 2x Dinner K&R 2x night before 2x tree decorating 3x Christmas Chores 3x Christmas Eve 3x Christmas morning pg2 3x christmas morning 3x Santas cookies 5x day after christmas pg2 5x day after christmas pg4 5x day after Christmas 2x Berg Polar Express pg1 2x King Polar Express pg 1

2xBergs Polar Express pg2 2xchristmas tree 2xKings Polar Express pg2 2xLetters from North Pole 5xNutcracker 2013 pg2 5xNutcracker pg1 camden handprint 2013 Camden letter_edited-1 Christmas dinner christmas letters family groups Mistletoes Olivia Elf Olivia handprint Sammy Santa Letter Yohey party 2013 yohey party pg2

I hope your holiday season was everything you hoped and wished for…





About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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