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Well, it was the first of the year and all

You know how at the beginning of the new year, everyone makes resolutions, if not out loud, but perhaps to their inner self?  I did that this year with a little goading from some people here. In January, Fannie and … Continue reading

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Matt Damon!

I just came across a picture of Matt Damon on Facebook, and I just started smiling.  You see, Matt Damon makes me happy. Even Biff agrees with my love of Matt Damon! He is our favorite actor, hands down.  If … Continue reading

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It’s almost that time again.

What time is that, you ask? Well, it happens in the spring time…no snow for us! It combines friendship, alcohol, scrapbooking, and eating way too much food.  Delicious food. It’s almost SPRING FLING time! This is our spring time croptoberfest … Continue reading

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Dear College Part 2: I Love You, Internet

PS: College?  I forgot to add to my letter last week how much I love that no one will ever have the some experience I had while in college, because of one thing: the Internet. See, when I was in … Continue reading

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Pancetta

But it’s orange, you say.  It’s squash, you say. Yes, yes.  You are correct on both accounts but you’re forgetting the absolute tastiness of it all…it has PORK in it! I win. You will, too, when you try and taste … Continue reading

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College: A Love Letter

Dear College: For some reason, I have been thinking a lot about you.  Maybe it is because it is that time of year when the alumni association keeps calling me for donations.  Maybe I yearn for those winter days where … Continue reading

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Torpedoes, Roosevelt, and Kamikazes

Need a laugh?  Something to round out your week with?  Let me share with you a story dating back to World War II.  This is about my father-in-law’s ship in the Pacific theater.  He was there for the ending of … Continue reading

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