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Trying to clear the decks

I am cleaning up here on the old computer.  Sifting through files, organizing supplies and photos, gearing up for our spring time get together of scrapbookers.  My organizing doesn’t take much any more; when I buy something or download a … Continue reading

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Tomato, avocado and BACON Salad

Hahahahahaha!!  It is listed as a salad!  Hahahahaaa!  And one more HA! When I saw this, I thought to myself, “They’re joking right?”  But no, it truly was listed as a vegetable side dish.  It is more like a BLT … Continue reading

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I’m a bad blogger. No, really.

Well, last time I posted, I promised I would finish up a blog and post it the next day.  That was 10 days ago.  And you’ve been waiting, right?  Right. Here’s the back story, if you will.  I attended two … Continue reading

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About today…

I’m heading off to a funeral in a little bit, so my post will appear tomorrow. “I’ll be back!”   love, Fae

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