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Doctor, Doctor Gimme the News…

So…two themes were bouncing around in my brain regarding the Recipe RX challenge… “Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of Recipe RX blues,” (i.e., what am I going to do about Fae’s recent challenge). And… “Contestants, open … Continue reading

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Pinterest and UFO’s

Pinterest… I love you. I loathe you.. I love you… I loate you…. If ever the thought, after some perusing around Pinterest, “I can do that,” has crossed the grey matter of your brain and led you wandering, mindlessly through … Continue reading

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If Fae Can Do That…

Now, now, before you hang me by my thumbs, that title is really not intended to sound quite as snarky as it might on the first fly-by. But, my friend, my mentor (in all things Paleo, for sure), my protege in … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me Pat

My turn! Just a little about me, known here at Idiosyncrazies as Fannie, but in real life: Were You Named After Someone? My given name, Patricia Ann, as aristocratic as it may sound, came about in the most unassuming of … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas Morning!

Well, almost! I hope all of your lists are checked twice and you are settling down for a long winter’s rest… Now, before you judge me for the caloric and fat content of the recipe I am presenting, below, please … Continue reading

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DIY – If You Dare

Well, here we are…the clock is tick, tick, ticking down towards Christmas and what are we doing here at Idiosyncrazies? Why, giving you more project ideas, of course! But, believe me, unless you have WEEKS completely cleared on your calendar … Continue reading

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Chicken and Dumplings Throw Down – Installment #3

Thankful? Yes, indeed, I am! I am so very thankful for many, many things in my life…one of which is this group of extraordinary women with whom I get to blog on a regular basis…and now, without further adieu…my installment … Continue reading

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