Fae’s Fotos

May 20 – Polka dots…say no more!

May 19 – Something at a specific time of day.   Every morning and every evening.  Thank God that only two of the 16 pills a day that I take are prescription and the rest are OTC.

May 18 – Toys.  The only thing on this trip that would be a toy is a dog toy….

May 17 – A piece of something.  These three pieces belong to my refrigerator while we travel.  The rods help keep the food on the inside shelves and the U piece keeps the doors closed while we travel.

May 16 – Details.  We started pulling a tow vehicle last year behind our motorhome.  Trying to remember the details on how it is all put together almost stumped us.  Again.

May 15 – Something I do every day…my coffee in my scrapbooking mug that I’ve had for YEARS….thank you, Fannie!

May 14 – Buds.  These cactus blooms were about ready to burst open..

May 13 – Yellow.  A different perspective, no?

May 12 – My favorite spot.  Right here, next to Mr. Fae.  Where ever he goes, I want to be with him.

May 11 – The big picture.  Where I currently reside is here at my cousin’s ranch and we over look the barn.  When I think of the ranch, I always think of this barn.

May 10 – Favorite drink.  And that would be chardonnay.  This is being held by my cousin, Jeanne.

May 9 – Luscious.  First..who thought of this word for the picture of the day?  All I could think of was ‘lips’ and that wasn’t going to happen..then?  Fruit, maybe?  This is Mr. Fae’s morning smoothee.

May 8 – Colors of the rainbow.  Without a rain cloud in the sky, I knew that I had to manufacture a rainbow.  Somehow.  And you really need to look close to see mine!

May 7 – Candy.  We normally don’t keep candy in the house, but I did find a package of M&M’s in the freezer!

May 6 – Something wet.  (and cold still!)

I am doing the happy dance this month!  Why?  It’s National BBQ Month and we’re celebrating!

Something colorful…in this case, a tray of fake fingernails painted with glitter polish at the business I have my nails done.  May 4

Fill up the frame…May 3

This is my ‘clean up project’…. a pack and play that my granddaughter got sick in…yuk. May 2

Here are my contributions to our May challenge….

May 1

May 1 - View from a window


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