Farie’s Frivolities

Here are my contributions to our May Photo Challenge…

May 31st…Personality. My Mom is NOT short on this…

May 30th…Relaxation. Lexi. Sleepy. Happy.

May 29th…Rough. Cedar tree bark. Beautiful.

May 28th…a Memorial. We visited the cemetery in Glendale, OR.

May 27th…a shell. Turkey, to be exact.

May 26th…Favorite Books…I have a special shelf. Most books I don’t re-read, but these are exceptions.

May 25th…a kite…but barely a breeze in sight…

May 24th…Favorite color…this is no mystery to anyone…This is a cross-shaped curio box that my friend Stacey gave me along with a lovely bar of soap. It’s going to kill me to tear the paper off of it…

May 23rd…Something Noisy…I don’t even have to turn this on. If I pull it out of the closet, the cats scatter.

May 22nd…Seedling, zucchini to be exact.

May 21st…Looking up at the Sky…the treeline of our property below the house.

May 20th…Polka dots…I have nothing against them, but I don’t own anything with polka dots. This is Munch’s room.

May 19th…Something at a specific time of day…7 PM… What we watch nearly every night…Jeopardy.

May 18th…Toys (albeit non-functioning…)

May 17th…A Piece of Something…Cowboy Pizza.

May 16th…Details…one of the many beautiful quilts that Munch and I saw at a quilt show recently.

May 15th…Something I do Every Day…Coffee, unless I am under the weather, then I resort to tea.

May 14th…Buds, Jazyrah and Gigi.

May 13th…Yellow…The scotch broom that is all over our property. Actually, this stuff grows all over Sunny Valley.

May 12th…My Favorite Spot. This is where you can find me reading or enjoy peace and quiet away from the living room television.

May 11th…The Big Picture…at least it is for me. This is on the east side of our property. These daisies whisper “tranquility”…

May 10th…Favorite Drink (at least for summer) Arnold Palmer.

May 9th…Lucious…the picture speaks for itself.

May 8th…Colors of the Rainbow…Pretty. Almost makes me want to paint something. Almost.

May 7th…Candy. Chocolate covered raisins, to be exact. I remember going to Sears with my Mom when I was 8 or 9 and her often buying 1/2 pound of this from the candy kiosk. Still my favorite.

May 6th…Something wet. Dew on the back of a Madrone leaf.

May 5th…a Celebration…of sorts.

May 4th…Colorful…My pencils that I use for coloring stamped artwork.

May 3rd…Fill up your frame. Azalea blooms from the plant I received from work.

May 2nd…A clean-up project. Generally, this one is ongoing, but this was after I pulled everything out and washed everything off and wiped out the whole refrigerator.

May 1st…View from a window…Elk in my driveway.


5 Responses to Farie’s Frivolities

  1. Fae says:

    WOW!!! This is awesome!

  2. Farie says:

    This is looking out our living room window, and is about 30 feet away from the house. There was actually a whole herd of them, but it was the first time we had seen them so close to the house. They “maintain” the ivy.

  3. Fannie says:

    That IS amazing!

  4. Fae says:

    ah….the refrigerator. I think that it is an on-going clean up project at my house!

  5. Felia says:

    AWESOME JOB! Love it!!!

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