Felia’s Forays

May 31st “Personality”  Just me!

May 30th “Relaxation” Whenever I see Laida in the sun, I think, “Man, I really would like to be able to do that!”

May 29th “Rough”  Stones in our backyard.

May 28th “A Memoiral” I have nothing.  Nothing at all.  I guess I am lucky!

May 27th “A Shell”  I found this shell on a beach in Grand Cayman and I love it.  It reminds me of the whitest, cleanest, calmest beach I have ever seen.

May 26th “Favorite Books”  My shelves are only filled with books I will read over and over and over again.  If I didn’t like it, it gets posted on Paperbackswap.com.

“Picture Not Available, because I don’t know how to use the damn phone.”

May 25th “A Kite”  I saw these in the store (Savers) and I took a picture with the only camera I had available at the moment: my phone.  Ewww.

May 24th “Favorite Color” My favorite color is yellow.  And look what a co-worker game me this morning: Recycled yellow flowers!

May 23 “Something Noisy” My U2 iPod sure can get noisy!

May 22 “Seedling or Plant” This is the plant in my cube at work.

May 21  -“Looking Up at the Sky” THE ECLIPSE!!

HI! I’m creepy!

May 20 – “Polka Dots”  My friend’s baby left this at my house the other day.  It has polka dots.  It’s also VERY creepy.

May 19 – “Something at a specific time of day” This is Reno at 10:00 am.

May 18 – “Toys”  These are Liada’s toys in her basket.  As soon as I put them in, she goes over and diligently takes them out.  Cuz she is onery.

May 17 – “A Piece of Something” These are all pieces of CHEESE.  Another thing I live for. 

May 16 – “Details”    This is a detail of my print of Picasso’s “Guernica,” or as I like to spell it, Gernika, which is the proper Basque way of spelling it, and where my family lives! 

May 15 – “Something I do every day”  DRINK COFFEE, or as Biff calls it, Sweet Elixir of Life.

May 14 – “Buds”  This is Matilda, and we are buddies!

May 13 – “Yellow”  I love yellow, and this is my blanket.  Laida loves my blanket, too.  Even if it is on the floor, she will find it. 

May 12 – “My Favorite Spot” Right next to Biff and Laida.  Right next to them no matter where, but especially on the couch!  It makes me happy.

May 11 – “The Big Picture” I just started this puzzle this morning, and it certainly seems like a big picture to me!

May 10 – “Favorite Drink”  My favorite drinks are Diet Pepsi, wine, and kalimotxos!  Yummy!

May 9  – “Luscious” These greens are from our garden, and if there is one word I think about the garden, it’s LUSCIOUS!

May 8 – “Colors of the Rainbow”  This flower has lasted through a lot: we planted it last fall, and dogs have been digging in the bed, gardeners have been raking through it and mowin through it.  But IT LIVES!

Mmmmm, Cadbury eggs.

May 7 – “Candy”  This is my Cadbury Egg stash left over from Easter.  I bought these on clearance, and I have been trying to make them last, because they taste so damn good.

May 6 – “Something wet” Watering the garden; something we do everyday if not twice a day.

May 5 – “A Celebration!”  Cinco de Mayo means good cooking! Yum!

May the Fourth – “Colorful”  This is at USwirl by my house, and if it doesn’t scream colorful, I don’t know what does.

May 3 – “Fill Up Your Frame” Pretty self-explanatory.

May 2 – “A Clean Up Project”  My loft is a disaster.  Yes.  With Warhammer.  NOT mine, I’ll have you know.

May 1- “A View from a Window”  This is from my bedroom window, and it reminds me of camping, and I love it.


2 Responses to Felia’s Forays

  1. Fae says:

    I absolutely love your card photograph!!!!!

  2. Felia says:

    Thanks. Tracy took them, and they turned out great!

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