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Summer Shrimp Salad

Continuing on with my love affair with shellfish (ahem) I went searching for shrimp dishes and crab dishes.  Imagine how I felt when I found this!  Shrimp and crab were the two things that we didn’t have while in the … Continue reading

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Clams and Oysters and Garlic and Wine, oh my!

Recently, Mr. Fae and I traveled to the Pacific northwest to enjoy cooler weather than here in Reno, our 35th wedding anniversary, and a much needed vacation.  I knew that while we were there, we would indulge in much eating … Continue reading

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Some Like It Hot Marinade

I love marinades, well, most marinades.  And the meat that really requires a great marinade is flank steak.  Just throwing together some vinegar and oil for a marinade is not going to cut it.  In fact, it sounds more like … Continue reading

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The Oregon Trail

Or at least my version of it. Apparently, I started my trip in Mexico.  I never once saw any of those forts. Early last month I traveled to Oregon to be with my fellow bloggers and scrapbookers for a weekend … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor Gimme the News…

So…two themes were bouncing around in my brain regarding the Recipe RX challenge… “Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of Recipe RX blues,” (i.e., what am I going to do about Fae’s recent challenge). And… “Contestants, open … Continue reading

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Recipe Rx From Felia

Hello, everyone!  Sorry for the delay, but this was harder than it sounds!  It did come out better than I expected, though. Awesome!  Let’s get to it. Here are my ingredients. The same as were listed, but I added some, which … Continue reading

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Sorry, Everyone, But I’ll Be Late Posting

I had a long, exhausting weekend filled to the brim with getting wedding stuff done.  So, that means I will be making my recipe rx tomorrow, so I will post then. Have a good night, everyone!

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