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Growing up, my mom made Spanish Rice often.  Well, what I THOUGHT was Spanish Rice, but come to find out, it was really Basque Rice.  I have made that for some of my friends, and it is quite delicious. This … Continue reading

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Paying It Forward

I saw this on a friend’s status and thought it was a wonderful idea…what a way to kick off the year –  2013 Pay it forward – The first six people to comment on this status will receive a gift … Continue reading

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Let’s go Shoppin!

Well, before you think I grabbed the plastic and ran for Macy’s, that is not exactly what we were in the market for. If you’ve read my posts, you have discovered that we moved from the city limits to a … Continue reading

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A (Crazy) Conversation with a (Crazy) Caterer

(Note: This post contains strong language.  If you are offended, I am truly sorry, but I warned you.  And I have a potty mouth. And I taught my sister everything I know.) You know that dream that young girls all have?  … Continue reading

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Playing catch up

I wanted to write about something else today but with this and that going on all week, my idea to write about never had a chance to percolate in my pea brain.  So I’m giving it a full week more … Continue reading

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Whip-Its, Bloggess Style

I have to share how neurotic I am. I am reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess, who in case you don’t know is brilliant, funny, and talented.  During one of her stories, she mentions that Victor, … Continue reading

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Why I hate Clowns. Or how to scare the living beejesus out of me.

I don’t recall the exact event in my life that destroyed any love for clowns…it just was always there.  I never liked them as a child…too big, too garish, nosy horns always being blown.   They were always just too … Continue reading

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