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Want to go shopping with me? I need a psychiatrist to talk me down off the ledge.

What I had planned on writing about today was one particular thing. Until yesterday happened. Now, it might not seem much to you but I do know that there are women out there who hate shopping for jeans as much … Continue reading

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Just call me Queen o’ Denial…Ouch! That hurts!

A few short weeks ago, Munch’s horse and I had a disagreement while I was loading her in the horse trailer. Well, actually, she was having a disagreement with me, and weighing 800+ pounds more that I do, well, let’s … Continue reading

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Off to See the Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Allergies

About a month ago, I went to my doctor (Dr. Oz.  No, not THAT Dr. Oz, the Dr. Wizard of Oz!) and he gave me an allergy shot.  He said it would probably last 4-6 months.  It lasted 5 WEEKS. … Continue reading

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What happens in Hawaii……stays with you forever. Because of all the witnesses and photographs.

Most of you know that I recently traveled to the island of Hawaii with my female cousins.  This is the second ‘cousin’ trip we have taken.  We were blessed with the fact that three of our Australian cousins joined us … Continue reading

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This is How I Spent My Weekend

1) Watched some guys get in a fight at a pizza parlor.  It was like good old Emmett times. 2) Gave away our new dog, much to our current dog’s delight. (And mine.) 3) Took a friend out for Birthday … Continue reading

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Marinated Shrimp with Artichokes and Olives

Have you ever been so anxious to eat something that you forgot to do a very important part of the recipe?  Well, I did just that yesterday.  I forgot to take photographs of a recipe that I was making just … Continue reading

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Hey, what’s the hurry?

This past weekend I spent much of Sunday in my office, which happens to be one of my favorite rooms. In this room I pay bills and work on taxes, mend clothing, as well as spend time on the computer, … Continue reading

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